Who We Work With

We work on special projects, and capital, planned giving, and annual campaigns. We love to work with small non-profits, particularly parks and greenspaces, and understand their challenges.

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How We Work


First, we evaluate what it would take to make your project a reality. Evaluations may include a feasibility study to determine what’s possible.


Recommendations follow the initial evaluation, and can include suggestions relating to developing your board, strengthening your case, expanding your marketing, and identifying and evaluating your natural constituents.


Finally, we work with you and your volunteers and staff to implement those recommendations and the project itself. Our specific contributions at this point may include directing the campaign, volunteer training, prospect research, grant writing, database management, direct mail and email campaigns, and other communications and campaign support.

Our goal is to provide individual recommendations and services based on client needs, not on a cookie cutter approach to fundraising. For this reason, we are completely hands-on, and only take on a few clients at any given time.

What They Say

“Barbara Howell and her team will help you achieve your organization’s fundraising goals. She knows how to help a group create focus, develop an actionable strategy and then motivate the group to do what is necessary. I doubt we would have been as successful without her.”

– Mel Locklear, Friends of Bitsy Grant Tennis

How Much It Costs

We work on a fee plus expense basis. Expenses include grant writing, support staff, and printed materials such as campaign materials. We work remotely and use strategic partnerships to eliminate overhead costs, and pass these savings onto our clients.