Woodlands Garden

Dates Active

2014 – 2015

Our Role

In late 2014, BH&A was hired to edit the case statement and conduct a feasibility study for Woodlands Garden‘s proposed $1 million capital campaign. In January 2015, the campaign began in earnest. Woodlands staff and board led the fundraising efforts; BH&A continued to provide fundraising counsel and grant writing services. In January 2016, Woodlands successfully completed the campaign.

About Woodlands Garden

Woodlands Garden is a seven-acre forest located in Decatur. In 2002, Chet and Gene Morse made 
a planned gift of their land to the Decatur Preservation Alliance (DPA), and in 2004, the Woodlands DPA Committee created a Master Plan to evolve the private garden into a public Piedmont demonstration forest.

Today, most of the Garden has been returned to a native landscape, with over 400 new plantings, and over 30 tree species, including 100-year-old oaks, and native musclewood, sourwood, and sassafras trees. Woodlands registered as an independent 501(c)(3) in 2011, and in 2013 announced its new hours—open to the public from dawn to dusk.

Woodlands Garden Capital Campaign Case (1)Native plants found at Woodlands Garden.
Woodlands Garden Capital Campaign Case (3)One goal of the capital campaign was to acquire the 1-acre Merritt property, which will now serve as the Garden’s new public entrance.