Garden Hills Pool & Park Association

Dates Active

Winter 2011 – Winter 2013

Our Role

The Garden Hills Pool & Park Association (GHPPA) performed a survey in 2011 and determined that tearing down and rebuilding the decades-old Garden Hills Pool house made long-term financial sense. The GHPPA then began working with Barbara Howell & Associates (BH&A), first to perform a feasibility study for the pool house capital campaign, and then to raise the estimated $750,000 needed to complete the project.

Since the organization had no staff, GHPPA President Jeff Clark and BH&A ran the entire campaign. The GHPPA also had no similar fundraising previous experience, so BH&A created and maintained a Salesforce donor database, mailing and email lists, collateral including brochures and thank you cards, and a donation webpage at the start of the campaign.

Other work included grant writing, volunteer training and management, a direct mail campaign, major gifts and street campaigns, and multiple fundraising events. By fall 2013, BH&A’s efforts, along with the work of hundreds of community volunteers, had raised over $800,000 of the original $750,000 goal.

By this point, pool house construction had begun, and the GHPPA took over the last leg of fundraising. In May 2014, the building was finished and opened to the public; in fall 2014, the building was completely funded and all debts were retired.

About the Garden Hills Pool

The Garden Hills Pool is a public facility owned by the City of Atlanta, and leased to the GHPPA, a 14-member neighborhood volunteer board. Because the pool is public but managed by GHPPA, the Garden Hills Pool offers one of the best and least expensive public pool options for Atlanta residents. Every summer, thousands of city residents escape the heat by visiting the pool and the adjacent pool house.

Dan Martin Pool House Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Dan Martin Pool House Opening Ceremony (campaign leader Jeff Clark is second from left).
Former Pool House, Viewed from Poolside Garden Hills Pool House, Before
New Dan Martin Pool House, Viewed from Poolside Dan Martin Pool House, After
Garden Hills Pool Ramp Before-and-After Ramp from Street to Pool House, Before and After